• WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Left click to dig
  • E to use radar

Diggy is a fun casual game. Here, you will help Dicky use the drill to find truffles under the ground and collect them. Different truffles have different gold coins, and they can enable you to upgrade your equipment, better invest in the job, and finally reach the under center.

Diggy’s Game Operations

In Diggy, you can move freely in the game interface through the direction keys. The left key of the mouse enables Dicky to drill the ground. The letter E can help you to explore new things.

Diggy’s game content

It replaces gold coins with equal value by collecting items harvested from the drill. Truffles maybe five gold coins. When you encounter large archaeological objects, such as dinosaur tracks, you make a lot of money. The accumulated gold coins can be used to upgrade various aspects of the ground drilling machine in the system, such as drill bits, radar, and power. The harvest of drilling the ground on the foundation every day is determining by the energy bar on the left. Therefore, only when the equipment is more advanced, can we use the least energy to dig higher-end content and deeper underground.

Diggy’s Game Features

Every day’s harvest will have a summary, and you can see the gold coins and the depth of digging. The more advanced the materials for upgrading equipment, the more gold medals will be needed.

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